Android N Features You Need to Know

Android N presumed to be the next big release of the Android operating system has caught the attention of all developers by now. The motive for this is that the Android Developer community can now receive over-the-air updates of Android Beta by just signing up to it.

The Android N developer preview 2 got over recently amid many updates and bug fixes that are to be handled as suggested by the developers.

Android N

So, now let’s have a sneak preview of the corroborated features of the Android N:

Multi-Window mode:

This is the one we were waiting for! The split-screen mode enables us to run multiple apps side-by-side, providing multi-tasking with an ease. There are no availability restrictions so, we can enjoy this in mobiles too. There is a movable slider, an option to resize and you can also drag&drop texts between the screens.

Picture-in-picture mode is also available, for e.g. you can enjoy a video and read an article at the same time, by merely overlapping the video anywhere on the page and dragging it to any corners or just resize it.

Improved Doze:

Marshmallow’s favorite feature has now been improved and exported to Android N. Doze is two-tiered in Android N retaining its benefits despite the mobile is stationary or not. But in the supplementary layer the phone enters a deeper hibernation state where network activity is put off. Now that’s an extra doze for N!


The all new Settings Menu:

Android N has a refurbished settings organized as Wireless networks, Device, Personal and System. The high spot is the hamburger menu when, tapped on the arrow you return to the main settings regardless of the sub-levels.


Quick Notification Panel:

You can customize the notification panel with your beloved toggles that you require immediately like the Wi-Fi, Do not disturb, Flashlight, Battery and Calculator (many don’t consider this idea a great one).



Vulkan bestows 3D apps across all platforms providing high end graphical performance yet having its hold on low CPU usage and low overhead GPU control. This is the facet that Google wants developers to try on their devices.



Express yourself more with the new Unicode 9 emoji’s that are afar from the normal ones and have a more human-like design with distinctive skin tones. New arrivals are the selfie (the desired one!), facepalm and bacon.


Return of the Dark Mode:

Marshmallow doesn’t deserve this hero then but the Dark mode has returned in Android N as the Night mode. This has a dark theme with a shade control for the blue light ( if you sleep while watching a movie at night) and automatic brightness adjustment.


Bundled Notifications:

Notifications from a particular app can be bundled and be solved one-by-one. You can also directly reply from the notification bar instead of opening the app.


Introducing Java 8:

Google swaps to OpenJDK in Android N to create a common base for developers and furthermore to use Java 8’s features such as lambda and much more.


Launcher shortcuts on home screen:

Now, you can have a shortcut of anything you wish for, e.g. your bestie’s chat, your favorite sitcom’s video in YouTube etc. An app can have more than 5 shortcuts of it on the launcher so that users can swiftly use common tasks on the go.


So far we’ve seen all the confirmed features but the tidbits include Data Saver, Information in the Emergency Dial-up, Replying from the lock screen(this involves a lot of privacy issues), No app drawer and Smart lock passwords.

The much talked Android N is awaited to be nicknamed which the Google chief Hiroshi Lockheimer is ‘nut gone tell us yet’(I guess it’s the Nutella). One thing to be sure about is the launch of the final public release in Q3 2016.

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