Features to Consider While Developing an On-demand Grocery App

As the craze for online shopping is increasing, users are demanding more platforms to buy all the type of products from their smartphones. One such product they are expecting to be delivered on their door is grocery.

Yes, you read it right. Users these days do not prefer to visit different shops and stores to buy groceries. Rather, they look forward to making a purchase with a few taps on their devices and get the product delivered on their doorstep - resulting into the dire need to invest in On demand app development for your grocery.


Considering you are a brand planning to invest in this app development idea, this blog will give you a sound knowledge of feature to add in your mobile app for gaining a huge momentum in the marketplace.

  • Social Media Login

In this social media dominating world, offering the option of signing up with social accounts can be a ticket to rock the grocery world. This option, on one side, facilitates ease of login to users. While, on the other side, it empowers businesses to get more of customer details without compelling them to share, which eventually helps with delivering personalized services and gain higher ROI.

  • Smart Search

With thousands of products available on your portal, a user might find trouble in coming across a product they want. So, to make the process easier for them, introduce the concept of Smart search.


This feature will provide them with an option to filter out the products based on different factors, which will eventually streamline the process to make a purchase.

  • Add to Cart

When looking forward to creating an On-demand grocery app, adding this feature is a must. It gives users an escape from buying every food product individually and hence, make a list of all the items and buy together. And in this way, help you to gain more revenue that what you invested in the form of grocery app development cost.

  • Recommendations

This is yet another feature that can bring a huge difference in the customer engagement level and eventually, in the revenue generation. Wondering how? This feature gives suggestions to customers based upon their shopping and search history, which encourages them to make a purchase even if they stumbled upon your platform with the motive of surfing only.

  • Real-time Notifications

Real-time in-app notifications let users know about the status of their order, which eventually helps in delivering better customer experience. Besides, it provides you with an opportunity to inform them about deals and discounts, which again helps to prompt them to make a purchase and add more value to your business.

  • Pick Time Slot

Since most of the users are working these days, they can’t be available at their homes all the time. In such a scenario, providing them with an option to pick a time slot for delivery can also be a great addition to your app.

  • In-App Payment

Many on-demand grocery platforms allow users to buy products, but keep the payment option confined to ‘Cash delivery’. Now, considering users are digital these days and are often not available to receive the delivered products, introducing the facility of in-app payment via wallet apps or credit/debit card is again a profitable decision.

  • ‘Remind Me’ Lists

Though not compulsory, this feature is good to consider for providing ultimate user experience and enjoying maximum ROI. This is so because this feature will provide them with an option to make a reminder list within the app and hence, not miss buying any product.


Though these are the basic features that can increase the success ratio of your On-demand grocery app, there can be many more features to consider. So, look forward to paying attention to those features also, and thus, build a successful journey.

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