Why Consider PWA Development for Your Business?

Whenever you have to make a search, what do you prefer - a mobile website or a mobile application? Of course, a majority of you will be in favour of the latter option.

Mobile apps have made everything convenient and accessible. They have added a plethora of advantages to our lives - both as a user and as a businessperson - including real-time communication, effective marketing, faster sales, etc. In fact, they have become an indispensable element of the business world to enjoy higher growth.


But, these apps also have some significant drawbacks. Designed using the most innovative technologies and features to deliver offbeat user experience, they demand higher memory storage. In absence of which, they either do not run or take more than optimal time to perform any task. This ruins the customer experience.

Besides, most of these applications require Internet accessibility. They do not function properly in regions with poor or no network. This again reflects an adverse impact on the user experience, which affects the business ROI.

This is where Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) came into the picture. PWAs proved to be a perfect solution for the above challenges and many others associated with delivering an exquisite mobile experience to the users. They have become the right investment for businesses.

Wondering how? Let’s discover in this article - but firstly, let’s dive into what PWAs are and how are they different from other applications.


What is a Progressive Web App?

A PWA (Progressive Web App) is a type of web application that delivers native app experience on all the platforms. In simpler terms, it is a perfect blend of web and mobile technology introduced with the prime aim to deliver uniform and seamless experience to end users with minimal requirements.


What Makes PWAs different than other Web Applications?

Though there are a lot many things that Google wants you to know about Progressive Web apps, here are some of the prime features that make PWAs different from web apps:-

  • Fast - A PWA starts interacting with users right from the moment they download the application. It avails the opportunity to cache the data, which makes it faster to restart the application even without checking the network.
  • Interactive User Experience - PWA gives the look and feel of a native application by providing access to a vast range of device features and functionalities like app icon on home screen, push notifications, etc.

Besides, it enables to access app content even in the offline state - all thanks to service workers.

  • Add to Home Screen - The biggest advantage that PWAs have over other web applications is that they place an app icon on the home screen of users’ devices. This gives them an escape from running a browser, entering the URL, and performing other actions. The users can simply tap on the app icon and enjoy the functionalities.
  • Real-time Engagement - Unlike other web applications, Progressive web apps gives an opportunity to send push notifications in real-time, make web payments, access content in an offline state, and much more. All these features make it easier to acquire and engage users - something which was quite tough with Web application development technology.

Now as we have gone through a brief introduction to what are Progressive web applications and what characteristics they hold making it necessary for businesses for migrating websites to Progressive web apps, it’s the best time to dive into why you should invest in Progressive web application development.

Why Invest in PWA development?

A Progressive web app helps businesses with multiple real-world issues by offering services like:-

  • Easy App Discovery - Normal mobile applications reside on App Stores along with thousands of other applications. This makes it tougher for an app to grab the attention of the target audience, deliver the optimal services and gain the desired ROI.

A Progressive Web application, in this context, helps the businesses to easily get the attention of the right customers. The app does not reside on App stores and is installed using a simple link.

  • More Revenue generation- Since the application are not downloaded from App stores, the businesses need not pay a fee to app stores for gaining higher traction. This implies the businesses can enjoy higher revenue by building a PWA.
  • No Maintenance Hassle - A mobile application goes through a complete review process when submitted to respective App Stores. Once done, it requires users to tap on ‘Update’ option to experience the new changes. This implies a dependency on the App Store and users.

A PWA gives freedom from all such dependencies by empowering developers to roll out changes directly to the users’ devices.

  • Higher Customer Retention Rate - The two prime reasons why users exit a platform and never return back is higher loading time and more memory consumption. A PWA, with the help of web technologies, cuts down this loading time and makes it easier for businesses to retain a higher number of customers. Besides, it works on a web browser and uses cache data to load the content faster, which also reduce the memory storage required.

As covered in this article, Progressive web applications are the new face of the web app world. These applications offer exquisite services to the businesses and their target user base. So, what are your thoughts about it? Ready to build a Progressive Web app for your business? Discuss your needs with a reputed PWA design and development agency today.

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